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New Stable CoreOS Release

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Today we have good news! CoreOS Released the new version. This version is the most tested, secure and reliable version available for users wanting to run CoreOS. It is a big day for us here at CoreOS, as we have been working hard to deliver the stable release. Of course, we couldn’t do this without the community so thank you for all of your support and contributions to the project.

This is a huge milestone for us. Since our first alpha release in August 2013:

  • 191 releases have been tagged
  • Tested on hundreds of thousands of servers on the alpha and beta channels
  • Supported on 10+ platforms, ranging from bare metal to being primary images on Rackspace and Google

CoreOS 367.1.0, our first version on the stable channel, includes the following:

  • Linux 3.15.2
  • Docker 1.0.1
  • Support on all major cloud providers, including Rackspace Cloud, Amazon EC2 (including HVM), and Google Compute Engine
  • Commercial support via CoreOS Managed Linux

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